A Course In Love

With Sher Maryn LeBay

September 19, 26 & October 3, 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Online Via Zoom
$30 for three classes

This is a course in mastery. It is not for everyone. It is not really a course at all, but an experience designed by Spirit to transform your heart. There is no homework. There is no teacher, either. Those who sign up for the inward journey offered by the Course of Love, become sacred sisters and brothers to each other in the great work of self transformation. And transformation is, above all, the tender work of Grace softening us so the light may shine through. You may look at “The Course” and say “Ah, but it is only 200 pages. I can do that.” But really, a page or two or three can open a door inside of you that takes you into a land you never knew existed. It is hard to say how long you may wish to explore there! Thus, The Course of Love is not something to be achieved or read to the finish line in a certain amount of time… Is this course for you at this moment in your life? Look within and ask yourself if you are truly ready to set aside the primacy of your mind and enter the deep mystery of the heart. The introduction to The Course says: “ This course was written for the mind—but only to move the mind to appeal to the heart. To move it to listen. To move it to accept confusion. To move it to cease its resistance to mystery, its quest for answers, and to shift its focus to the truth and away from what can be learned only by mind…This is a course for the heart. The birthplace of the new.” There is no effort, no study, no thought…just a profound willingness to place your awakened heart at the center of your life.

The Course of Love will be lead by Sher Maryn LeBay

For questions, please contact: Sher LeBay at [email protected] or Jean Weaver 302-598-2984.

Payment for the course can be made online on our Donate Page. After choosing your payment method, please add a note saying the payment is for A Course In Love.