Community Visioning

Members of the Awakened Heart Visioning Core meet bi-monthly to catch Spirit's highest vision of Itself as our community.  Utilizing the Life Visioning Process developed by Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, we allow ourselves to be inspired and guided by the results of our visioning sessions, and then to act to implement whatever we can and allow the rest to unfold as It will. 

If you would like more information about our Visioning process, please contact Mary Wimberley at (302) 409-2961 or [email protected]

September 2023 Visioning Results

The visioning session felt like Spirit softly speaking to us as It put a warm blanket around us and gently reminded us that all is well and to speak gently and sweetly with one another even as you speak honestly. Reach out and hold someone's hand, look into their eyes to see their real truth, work together and draw comfort from one another. Remember to stay open at the top hearing and following different points of view, different ideas and ways of doing things. It is a collaborative thing! It felt like Spirit was saying, "Yay! You are doing it! You have returned to your roots as a teaching community! You are right on track - this is exactly what is needed for the evolution of all individuals and as a group."

Also, Spirit sees that we are each humming with new possibilities, ideas and creativity - sharing and listening and receiving. Love and Peace unfold as we connect with one another more deeply, compassionately and lovingly.

Key words: Balance, Connection, Creative ideas, Fresh, New, Collaboration, Teaching, Listening, Sharing, Receiving, Sweetness, Kindness, Openness, Honesty, Love, Compassion, Circles, Trusting, Relaxing, Allowing, Supporting, Continuing, Energy, Peacefulness, Open hearts, Wisdom, Guidance.