"Happiness is your true Nature and your inherent birthright"
~Michael Bernard Beckwith

Classes and Education

Awakened Heart, as a Teaching Chapter of Centers For Spiritual Living, offers a rich education program in the Science of Mind/New Thought/Ancient Wisdom philosophy. This philosophy is a faith and a way of life which recognizes that every aspect of life is spiritual.

Awakened Heart classes invite you to know your own unbreakable connection with the One Presence, God, Yahweh, Spirit, Great Mystery, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, from whom we are indivisible.

Our classes help you to discover your Divinity and realize your inherent birthright is an abundant, happy life now. Come experience the Presence and Power that operates in, as, and through you in your daily life for greater and greater good!

Awakened Heart is a Teaching Chapter of the Centers For Spiritual Living headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Centers For Spiritual Living offers tremendous support for their affiliates and provide a wide variety of courses, workshops, and advanced training for individuals, member centers and Teaching Chapters. You can visit their website and learn more about what CSL has to offer at CSL.org 

The above chart shows the classes offered through our affiliation with CSL and serves as a map or pathway toward training as a certified practitioner. These courses will be offered through Awakened Heart in the coming years and can also be taken online via CSL whenever they may be offered. If you would like to explore becoming a certified, licensed practitioner or if you have any questions about our course schedule, please contact us via our website Contact page