"Happiness is your true Nature and your inherent birthright"
~Michael Bernard Beckwith

Classes and Education

Awakened Heart Spiritual Center's rich education program presents Science of Mind/New Thought/Ancient Wisdom as a philosophy, a faith, and a way of life which recognizes that every aspect of life is spiritual.
Awakened Heart classes invite you to know your own unbreakable connection with the One Presence, God, Yahweh, Spirit, Great Mystery, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, from whom we are indivisible.
Our classes help you to discover your Divinity and realize your inherent birthright is an abundant, happy life now. Come experience the Presence and Power that operates in, as, and through you in your daily life for greater and greater good!

Awakened Heart Spiritual Center is a satellite campus of Emerson Theological Institute in Oakhurst, CA. Emerson is accredited by the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries and offers several degree programs. Our Practitioners are certificated through Emerson and licensed through Awakened Heart. For more information visit the Emerson Institute website.

Course Catalogue
Core classes are 10 weeks in duration—one three-hour class per week. The Foundations for Living class is the study of our foundational principles with practical applications for everyday spirituality. Foundations is a prerequisite for all Core classes. The other Core classes focus on areas of study such as practical application of the tools and principles, prayer and meditation and history and philosophy. Registration is available 6 weeks prior to the start of a class.
Individuals may register by signing up after Sunday Service or emailing us at [email protected] Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

NOTE: Students who have successfully completed a course previously can audit the same course again at half-price.

Foundations For Living 
Build a spiritual foundation informed by timeless wisdom and new thoughts to create your own new world. The Foundations for Living Class is a transformational entry level class in the study of Science of Mind. The course is designed to be a personal exploration of the Core Concepts of the Science of Mind and their application to the daily process of living. Students will have the opportunity to explore the Universal Principles which govern their experiences as well as deepen their relationship to the Creative Power and Presence inherent in all life. Meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment are taught as daily practices. The class is experiential, with many guided meditations and exercises to assist students in embracing and incorporating the Principles. Includes a 1-day workshop. This class is a prerequisite for all core classes.
When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks, plus a 1-day workshop
Tuition: $240 (includes 30 hours of class and the 6 hour workshop) plus books and materials
The Science of Mind: The Complete Text by Ernest Holmes and student workbook (provided at first class).

Roots of the Science of Mind 
Learn how our teachings became a system that freely draws from many religions, philosophies, literature, and sciences. Directly experience the power of those teachers and the teachings that inspired Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Science of Mind. This class guides you through the writings of three of the most important influences in Holmes’s development: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.
When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks 
Tuition: $200
Prerequisite: Foundations for Living, Self-Mastery and Spiritual Practices Classes (exceptions approved by teacher)
Scientific Christian and Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Hopkins,
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward,
Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson,
The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes 

Spiritual Practices For Daily Living
Discovering and designing your spiritual practice
Building on the knowledge gained in Foundations, this class focuses on how to have an active daily relationship with Spirit. Various forms of meditation are presented and explored weekly. You will also develop greater skill in verbal and written affirmative prayer, especially for others. The class is designed so you can choose the perfect spiritual practices that work for you.
When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks
Tuition: $200 plus books and materials
Prerequisite: Foundations for Living
Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass
Can We Talk To God by Ernest Holmes

Self Mastery
The Self Mastery Class focuses on the inward journey exploring feelings, ego, relationships, and the process of personal change with the intention of healing any perceived separation between the personality and Spirit. Through active exploration of the creative nature of thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, students have the opportunity to gain mastery in the art of living as a conscious, intentional being. You will discover new ways to deepen human love, trust, and forgiveness and expand into a life centered on affirmative prayer.
When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks
Tuition: $200 (30 credit hours)
Books: Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
Prerequisite: Foundations For Living Class 

Life Visioning
Visioning is a practice of intentional co-creation to expand life's potential. It is "catching" the Divine idea for your life's possibilities. It allows you to transcend limited thinking, to align with Divine Wisdom, and to use that power for Good. It is the natural outgrowth of maturing in God consciousness. Visioning is always about becoming, not about doing - about the "What", not the "How." The difference between Visualization and Visioning is the difference between directing Spirit to have our way and allowing Spirit to have Its way. The purpose of this course is to awaken to the transformational nature of Visioning, to learn the Visioning process, to understand the organic nature of manifestation and to be aware of its implementation in your life. Visioning is the practice of opening to God as you. You will learn and experience the Visioning process: For Your Personal Life For a Group or Community
When: 3-hour class meets for 4 weeks
Materials: Student Workbook (available in class)
Tuition: $80.00
Prerequisite: None/open to all

Practitioner Studies - Year 1
This 30-week course is the first step on the path to becoming a Religious Science Practitioner. It emphasizes much deeper evolvement on the spiritual and professional levels. The student are immersed in rigorous study and practical application of the principles of Science of Mind. The student is given the opportunity to examine values and dissolve mental conditions that keep him or her from living a dynamic, joyous, and effective life. This study provides the avenue for compassionate understanding of Self and others and develops spiritual awareness for seeing beyond conditions and discerning spiritual Truth.
When: 3-hour class meets for three 10-week sessions
Tuition: $300 for each 10 week segment.
Prerequisites: Foundations for Living, Spiritual Practices, Self-Mastery, and Roots of Science of Mind which equal 126 hours. Also required are 36 hours of qualifying electives. Please discuss your electives with the instructors prior to entering Practitioner Studies.
Download the full description of the curriculum, requirements and tuition and the application.
Books: See the complete reading list.
Application: Your completed application is due 2 weeks prior to the start of class (email it to [email protected]).

Practitioner Studies - Year 2
The second year of Practitioner Studies is focused on training in one-on-one client work. Students learn the skills necessary for a Practitioner to be proficient in working professionally with a client. These include communication skills, telephone skills, and training in the ability to apply spiritual principles to human situations through Spiritual Mind Treatment in the practitioner-client relationship. Training is also provided in the special functions of the Practitioner, such as funeral/memorial services and Sunday platform duty. In addition, students learn the foundations of setting up a professional practice and continue to deepen Practitioner consciousness. Throughout the year, students investigate the areas of mysticism and expanded consciousness through the study of the teachings of Jesus and other mystics. Certification and licensing is awarded upon completion of Practitioner Training I and II, followed by a six month internship/practicum, and successful completion of written and oral examinations.
When: 3- hour class meets for three 10-week sessions
Tuition: $300 for each 10 week segment
Prerequisites: Foundations for Living, Spiritual Practices, Self-Mastery, Practical Mysticism, and Roots of Science of Mind
Books: Science of Mind and Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. Other books are required in each term and will be announced by the instructor before classes begin.