2015 Awakened Heart Leadership

Awakened Heart is a community-centric organization comprised of cores and teams. If you are interested in being in sacred service to your beloved community by joining a team, please speak to that team's Team Leader. To see a diagram of our Organizational Design and Fulfillment Structure, please click here

CORE Council

                Mike Berheide RScP -- Elected Layperson/President

                Jerry Hodge, RScP -- Ecclesiastical Core Lead 

                Gretchen Kennedy, RScP -- Secretary / Visioning Core Lead

                Bob Bercaw RScP -- Elected Practitioner / Treasurer

                Jean Weaver -- Operations Team Lead                 

                Valarie Tickle RScP --Stewardship Core Lead/ Vice President      

                Charles Nagle -- Elected Layperson 

                Donna Shaffer -- Elected Layperson    

Stewardship Core

               Valarie Tickle RScP -- Team Lead

               Bob Bercaw RScP -- Treasurer 


Visioning Core

               Gretchen Kennedy, RScP -- Practitioner #1, Team Lead           

                Jane Bouza, RScP  -- Practitioner #2

                Alice Casey, RScP -- Practitioner #3

               Rosemary Malatesta - Nominated Lay Representative

                Tony Codella

               Dave Stepnowski

               Gerry Mousley

               Mary Wimberley


Manifestation/Operations Team

               Jean Weaver -- Team Lead

               Mike Berheide RScP

               Alice Casey RScP

               Tony Codella

               Dave Jones

               Dave Stepnowski



Manifestation/Ecclesiastical Core

              Jerry Hodge, RScP -- Team Lead

              All Practitioners

Board of Regents/Education Credentials

               Jerry Hodge, RScP

                Bob Bercaw, RScP  

                Gretchen Kennedy, RScP

Youth Team

               Barbara McKee - Team Lead/Staff
               Rosemary Malatesta

Nominating Committee

               Andy West  -- Point Person

               Carol  Capriotti-May